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A Day in the Life of a Ninja

Hellooooooo! Welcome to Road2Gold!

This past Saturday, I went to “Ninja Dungeon”.

Ninja Dungeon is a game where you have a sword, a helmet, a Nerf blowgun, and possibly a shield depending on the size of your sword. (Example: if you grab a small sword, you also get a shield)

The point of the game is to find clues, treasures, and allies to help you on your way.

The enemy of this game is the Boggits. They’re like trollish monsters that you get to whack with your sword and stuff like that.

Here was what my day was like:

Two people, Jack and Jill ask you and about 25 other kids if you would carry some stuff back to their camp. You all agree to help and when you reach the camp (which was located in a sandlot) the tent was forced open by someone who then captured Bill, the adult in charge of Jack and Jill! After that, Jack loses all sanity and starts yelling “We have to go find Bill!” but that didn’t help because he just HAD to go into the woods and get captured.

Jill gives us all helmets and weapons, divides us into two groups, and we’re off!

We find silver along the way, and we get to keep it. Then we run into the first group of Boggits. We bribe them with the silver and then they all get happy and we kill them! Yippee! We then stole they’re belongings and found a key, some money, and a decoder.

We went to the river where we found a raccoon that wanted all the silver to give to someone. It helped us and she showed us this sign with writing that looked like Greek so we called it scribblies. We thought the sign said “mixes of stick” but it actually said “Mines of Scitic”. Oops!

We then found another sign that had the scribblies on it. That sign talked about a dowsing rod and how it will lead us to a blood rose which will then, along with a silver wand, free a man in a tree. Okay, weird. We came across three lizards who think the world is peachy keen and all dandy and what-not. They said they had the Dowsing Rod. So we asked them what they did with it. They said they broke it into pieces. We asked why the heck they would do that and what they did with the pieces. And guess what. They said because it was funny and they buried it. My reaction:” … you did what?” So we dug them back up, put it together, said bye to the strange lizards, and then ran into some Boggits! Unfortunately, I died in battle. Fortunately, Pixie Sticks serve as potion in Ninja Dungeon.

We met up with the other group after the fight they helped us win. They lent us some potion and we lent them a few keys due to all of the keys we had and all the treasure chests they had. We continued our adventure like before.

We met a Nyad who told us that we came the wrong way and sprayed us with a giant squirt gun after a muddy, humid, tiring, hike. 

We then met a Dryad. She was a whole lot nicer. She gave us POTIONS! Yay! We fed an annoying frog flies so he would shut up for a friend. Then we fought snakes. I lost an arm. So I ate sugar.

We found a hedgehog named Nutbrown. Though the Raccoon said it was Nutbrain. We traded acorns for silver. He told us how to get to the Blood Rose.

We took a break at camp. Grabbed some cold water, and kept going. We found the Blood Rose (which was actually an aluminum-plastic lawn décor).

We headed back for camp to find two businessmen. One of the men named Ted kept talking to us about how they were about to clear out the forest to build their silver mines. That’s why Dri the Dryad and the animals wanted the silver, to protect it from the weird guys.

Bill and Jack on the other hand, were in an odd outcome. We found them in the woods captured. Jack we found unconscious and Bill was being hugged by a tree. That awkward moment when you walk in there and you wonder who’s side you should be on because Bill was the owner of the forest and he made a deal with Ted that he could destroy the forest if Bill got paid. Fortunately, the only ninjas on Bill’s side were 6 or 7 yr.olds and there were 3 of them.

Bill will be now there for eternity. Jack just jumped right up and left. We went back to camp for the final battle to fight all of the business men (and there was somewhere around 8 of them). We blocked all corners. Even though they only came through one. I was up front, until I got stabbed in the neck by Mark, the co-manager of the Mine Facility. When the last guy fell by a Nerf dart, we all cheered!

Then, I went home.

Rest in Peace, Bill. Trees are good, right?

When I got home, I took a cool bath, ate dinner, watched How To Train Your Dragon(because it is THE best movie ever), and ate ice cream. Because THAT is what ninjas really do.



Lil’ bit of culture

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Road2Gold!

Today, I will tell you about one of the many things I want to do before I kick the bucket. (And when I do, it will soar! 🙂 )

I would like to go to Japan.


About four or five years ago, I studied Japan in school. I started learning the Japanese language, about their culture, and stuff like that. I found a site that would put the Japanese words and letters and numbers into songs to make it easier.

A year later at DOZ Camp (DOZ is an org. that praises God with dance.), I met a girl from Japan! The next year, I met another Japanese girl. Last year, another! This year there will be yet another.

Last year, in March, the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. I was worried sick for my friends. But thankfully, they were okay. Thank God!

Their language is difficult to learn. There are no similarities to English or Latin. But I am learning and I’m going to teach you a few words right now!

Hello/good afternoon      こんにちは                   konnichiwa

Good morning                   おはようございます     ohiogozaymus

Good evening                   こんばんは                    konbanwa

Thank you                          ありがとう                   arigato

Bathroom                       バスルーム                   basurūmu

Goodbye                           さようなら                    sayonara

Who                                    誰が                                darae ga

What                                  何                                     nani

Where                               どこ                                 doko

When                                時                                      toki

How                                  方法                                 hoho (like Santa)

Are                                   です                                  Desu

You                                  あなた                              anata

Me/I                                私を                                  watashi wo/wa



So there is your “little” Japanese lesson for today.

The only reason I am iffy about going to Japan is the food. The dishes will usually contain noodles, fish, soup, sushi, and much more! I am not a sushi or fish person, but I love Miso Soup. It is a soup that has Wakame (a type of seaweed) in it. It’s great!




Desserts are yummy too!

Also, there are multiple types of drawing or art in Japan. The two I know of are Anime, and then there’s your Japanese paintings which are very detailed.

Anime is an art form that is cartoonish but somewhat detailed rather than other cartoons you’d see on PBS Kids. In the 40’s, just after the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Osamu Tezuka stepped forward in all the horrible and fresh memories and established the manga artist.  He created Tetsuwan Atomu. And Astro-Boy was born! Well, not really. Astro-Boy wasn’t “born”, he’s a robot.

Other versions of anime like chibi have been introduced over the years.

The realistic side of Japanese arts are detailed, interesting, and quite old. Many artists had drawn Mount Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan). A famous painting is the Katsushika Hokusai.





Hopefully, I will go someday.

Sayonara! (for now)

#1kid (Bango ichi no kodomo)


Sore Subjects

Hello, my fine friends, and welcome to Road2Gold!

If you don’t know, I LOVE to draw! Mostly Kingdom Hearts characters! (Kingdom Hearts has the blogging floor for another day.) To stay organized, I would put all my drawings in a little blue folder. This particular folder became VERY special to me. Since it was so special, I just HAD to bring it to church one day. Yeah… shouldn’t have done that.




That day my folder “vanished”.

That night, I wanted to draw. (And I don’t like drawing without my folder. It just doesn’t feel right.) It was pouring. So, in my PJs, I walked into the rain to get my folder. It wasn’t there!

The next week, we looked EVERYWHERE (and I mean everywhere) for this folder.

I cried.

Months of work, gone.

I couldn’t accept it, which I still can’t.

But, this past week, I went to my friends’ house and her sister told me to draw Kairi. (From KH) After that, I couldn’t stop drawing! I just wanted to draw and draw and draw and draw and draw. (If I had the kind of time, of course.)

Unfortunately, my folder wasn’t in my hands where it SHOULD have been.

Fortunately, I took a picture of every single one of my pictures! Though I still miss that folder, I found I had improved SO much.

For example:

Riku, (yes, from KH) HE IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A CHIN! He didn’t before. Now, he does! (Yippee!)




That is Riku. He has a chin.

Kairi: Wow… I was a very interesting drawer then. She looks better now.

Lessons to be learned? Don’t cling to things. You could lose them. Yes, it will hurt, so have your time to be upset, and then just do it again! If you’re like me, you just might have improved.

I know you don’t want to go near it again because it brings back memories of you losing your work, (or something along those lines) But still, you need to do it again!

So, Yeah. Same for all you writers out there who have lost their work. Do it again! You DON’T want to end up like that lady:






The thing is, it’s okay to have something important in life, but don’t cling to it too much, because it could all be lost.




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Cliques Don’t “Click”

“The most important thing to a lot of people, is to belong to something that’s hip or whatever. To be a part of something that’s not society, just a clique.” Ric Ocasek

Hello, Friends! Welcome to Road2Gold!

The swimming season started this past week and my swim buddy kept talking to someone else.

Well, I figured this was no big deal because I figured that we could talk afterward.

I was wrong.

Yeah, we said hi, we said bye… and that’s about it. She “cliqued” with someone else.

For those who don’t know, a clique is a small group of people with shared interests, who spend time together and exclude others.

I wasn’t liked by the other cliquer, but after a day of feeling the brush-off, I realized I was forgetting that there were other girls in my division. We three weren’t the only fish in the sea. (Or should I say the pool?)

So I spent the rest of the week talking to two other girls who aren’t really in any cliques. I’m not really sure if they know anything about each other. Possibly their names. But we got a whole season to learn more about each other.

So, lesson learned. It’s okay to leave a clique. Meet more people, make more friends. You just might make better friends.

IMO: Cliques are odd, excluding. If you’re going to have a club, at least make it welcoming. Am I right?


Words to live by:

 “Try to have as diverse group of friends as possible and don’t get into the the clique scenario.” ~ Andrew Shue


 How about you?: Have ever been a part of a clique? If so, what was it like? Did they turn on you and exclude you eventually?




Road 2 the Road

Hello, my friends. Welcome to my Road2Gold!

Who thinks they have a busy life? You’re not the only one.

Unlike my cats, I tend to be everywhere in one day!

I’m a busy girl. I CURRENTLY do tennis (or golf in the summer), swimming, karate, dance, piano, Girl Scouts, and of course- school! Not always in 1 day, of course, but it does make for a busy week.

My life is also filled with friends, hobbies like drawing and reading, and now I can add blogging to that list.

So, I guess you can say I’m always doing something. Or always on the road.

Won’t you join me on my road 2 gold?

And tell me: How busy are you?