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Cliques Don’t “Click”

on May 8, 2012
“The most important thing to a lot of people, is to belong to something that’s hip or whatever. To be a part of something that’s not society, just a clique.” Ric Ocasek

Hello, Friends! Welcome to Road2Gold!

The swimming season started this past week and my swim buddy kept talking to someone else.

Well, I figured this was no big deal because I figured that we could talk afterward.

I was wrong.

Yeah, we said hi, we said bye… and that’s about it. She “cliqued” with someone else.

For those who don’t know, a clique is a small group of people with shared interests, who spend time together and exclude others.

I wasn’t liked by the other cliquer, but after a day of feeling the brush-off, I realized I was forgetting that there were other girls in my division. We three weren’t the only fish in the sea. (Or should I say the pool?)

So I spent the rest of the week talking to two other girls who aren’t really in any cliques. I’m not really sure if they know anything about each other. Possibly their names. But we got a whole season to learn more about each other.

So, lesson learned. It’s okay to leave a clique. Meet more people, make more friends. You just might make better friends.

IMO: Cliques are odd, excluding. If you’re going to have a club, at least make it welcoming. Am I right?


Words to live by:

 “Try to have as diverse group of friends as possible and don’t get into the the clique scenario.” ~ Andrew Shue


 How about you?: Have ever been a part of a clique? If so, what was it like? Did they turn on you and exclude you eventually?



2 responses to “Cliques Don’t “Click”

  1. sarah audet says:

    So true Audrey. Whenever there are three people, one always feels left out. Insecurity in our friendships can lead us to believe our friends like someone else better. I think when you meet a new person it is natural to spend time getting to know them, and we have to be careful not to ignore our old friends. You did the right thing finding others to talk to. Clever girl!

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