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Summer Fun Caught on Camera


School is out for the summer, and this past weekend we had some camera fun with the  neighborhood kids!

At first we tried to make a movie but the sound didn’t work. 😦 So we opted for still photos of ourselves and uploaded them to the computer. Photoshop can be just as fun as making movies. We posed as if we were using magical powers and edited the pics to make it look like we really did have magical powers! It looked kinda cool! I’ve included the finished pieces for your viewing.

The day flew by, but the next day, we gave filming another shot.

This time we captured every minute of it! Some of the videos didn’t have all of us in it, but it was still very fun! We had shows like the World’s Funniest Falls. It’s where I tape everyone fall down the hill in our yard. Unfortunately, I had to fall as well while someone else taped me scream to my doom! We also taped interviews and I asked everyone questions like “What’s your favorite color?” or “What is your favorite thing to do?” Another video is us acting like babies in the dark. It is SO annoying!

I cannot show you the videos  for protection reasons, but let me tell you, there are some pretty talented actors in the neighbrohood.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer will be like! And I am really digging this making movies thing!

What are you going to do this summer? Any big plans? What fun have you had already?

*For some ideas, here is how to play Everybody Get a Move On, a game we play regularly in our yard* 

Needed: a ball, bases(or a dirt patch or something), people.

The object of the game is to avoid being IT and not getting tagged by the ball. How to do this succesfully is easy! just hop on a base! BUT you must leave the base when the CAPTAIN says: “EVERYBODY GET A MOVE ON!” then everybody starts running! If you are IT, aim for the CAPTAIN. When IT tags CAPTAIN, IT becomes CAPTAIN, who is then IT. Follow me? Tips: Since there are no more than 2 players on a base, go for empty bases. Just saying. 



A Trip to the U.S. Capital

Some of you may know that this year is the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary. So, to celebrate, the Girl Scouts hosted the world’s largest sing-a-long in Washington D.C. on the National Mall last weekend.

Girls from all around the world came to enjoy the Girl Scouts anniversary and “Rock the Mall.”

Everybody did this thing called SWAPs. Basically what you do is you make a bunch of silly pins and trade with other girls. It seems odd, but it is really cool when you have a bunch of pins on your bag or shirt from Pennsylvania and West Virginia and Florida and North Carolina and South Dakota and- well you get the point. 

Everybody didn’t spend their entire day melting in the blazing hot sun on the Mall.  People went to museums and went to memorials. I went a few myself like the Art museum and the American history museum. We also went to say hi to Tom Jefferson and sup to Abe.

The nine hour bus-drive was absolutely AWESOME! I met a few new friends and we talked and talked about things that had no meaning whatsoever.

We went to the zoo, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, National Museum of Art, National American History Museum, World War II Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, and I think that’s it.

In my opinion, the best thing about this trip was my friends. Making new friends, chatting and talking with them, getting to know them, and so on.

Make new friends, but keep the old. One ins silver and the others gold.

A ring is round, it has no end. That’s how long I want to be your friend

Back at home, the fat cat seemed to get larger and they both were a bit skittish, but I think they missed us.



Pie, Pi, and Pizza

Hello! Welcome to Road2Gold!

Today, Pie is the subject.

There are 3 types of pies: Pie, Pi, and Pizza.

Pie is the stuff Grandma bakes. Pi is the infinite decimal you use to find circumference and area of a circle. Pizza is the Italian meal that is probably the most eaten meal in the US.

Pie, the yummy, warm, dessert you bake in the oven. There’s pumpkin, apple, blueberry, lemon, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, you name it! I LOVE chocolate pudding pie. 🙂

Pi, the infinite. I am currently learning to memorize the digits of Pi. 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 etc.

No, I don’t know all of that I only know: 3. 14159265358979. Yeah,  tough luck.

Pizza makes the world go round! (or so we think.)

There are approximately 61,269 pizzerias in the US. About 3 billion pizzas are sold each year in the US and 5 billion in the world.

Most pizza is consumed during superbowl week than any other week in the year.

So there is some pizza statistics for ya.

What’s your favorite type of pie?

How many digits of pi can you memorize?

What is your fav pizza topping?

See you next week!



Working The Dreams

Hello, Welcome to Road2Gold!

As a Girl Scout, I recently began working on the Financing My Dreams badge.

The first step in achieving this badge is to explore dream jobs.

My favorite movie ever is How To Train Your Dragon by DreamWorks Animation SKG.

So, this being the case, I have always wanted to work for DreamWorks.

For this particular badge, you have to research the salary for the job of your dreams. I got an estimate of $50,000-$100,000. (I think that’s good, right?)

The second step in this badge was finding a dream home.

I aimed for a house near DreamWorks in California. I found this house for sale at a price of $430,000! My mom said houses in CA cost a lot. I can see that. The good thing is, the house is only a five minute drive away from DWA!

And for that badge, that’s as far as I’ve got.

In the past few weeks, I have really researched 3D animation and stuff like that.

The farthest I have gotten is Flipnotes on the Nintendo Dsi. They’re like animations that you draw and draw and draw (that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) until you end up with a flipbook movie! You then can create GIF files on your Dsi.

But 3D animation is VERY different. It has more of a real life to it rather than just a drawing. It’s what you can do with those drawings and what they can become.

Every second in a movie can take a few hours with movement and background and other stuff like that.

It takes a lot of computers, codes, people, work, a cast, music, and lots of time to make one movie.

For instance: How to Train Your Dragon was released in 2010 and How to Train Your Dragon 2 will come out in 2014.

Well, I hope someday I’ll be able to do that stuff.