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Where the Buffalo Roam

Hello, welcome to Road2Gold!

In the adventure of Lewis and Clark, the adventurers found buffalo on their journey. (And lots of them! In one of Meriwether Lewis’s journals, he says he is looking at about 20,000 of them roaming in one place!)

Since we are studying Lewis and Clark, we wanted to go to see buffalo.

We went to a buffalo farm and ate buffalo burgers. We fed a buffalo, cow, pony, an emu, and we saw a peacock.

We boarded a wagon and went on a ride to see the buffalo. Most of them were mommas. Momma means there is a baby, and there were baby buffalo! They’re so cute.

The ride was fun! We noticed the buffalo’s way of communicating was shoving and pushing…and lots of grunting. (In fast, Lewis said in his journal, his men would have to shoot their guns off into the night to make the loud beasts go away and stop their grunting just so the men could get some sleep.) But anyway, on our trip, the guy buffalo came in and practically said, “Hey you! Get outta my way! It is MY turn to eat!” but only in shoving. He was very large. And the babies were so small! He just shoved everyone around! We took some pictures so you can see how cute they are!

The buffalo meat was very different than that of a cow. It was a bit meatier than beef and it tastes good too! I like it more than beef. You should try it!

We learned about buffalo stuff like how even female bison have horns and they don’t ever grow back if they are broken. Bison can jump six feet in the air without running or any sort of “Oomph!” to get that large animal in the air!

We got to pet the buffalo, eat the buffalo, see the buffalo, and feed the buffalo! I like buffalo!

Have you ever eaten buffalo meat? If so, did you like it? Have you ever seen a buffalo? Did you get to pet or feed it?

Buffalo are awesome!



Get a Clue

Hello, everybody!

This past Friday, we went to the Mark Twain House to investigate the murder of Huck Finn’s father. Yep, I was a detective in a real life Game of Clue!

When we got to the house, I knocked on the door, and all we heard were loads of screaming and shrieking.  Mark Twain’s housekeeper, Katy Leary opened the door telling us to hurry in and that there was a murder in the house! She brought us down stairs through a secret passageway and we discussed what we were going to do. We had to go into all the rooms and ask the people in them questions like: Was it Aransas with a pipe in the billiard room? No, that was not the answer, but you get the point: Just like Clue.

The people in the rooms were actual characters from Mark Twain’s books. People like Arkansas in the billiard room, Becky Thatcher in the drawing room, some drunken dude in the kitchen (I think he called himself Rum… Go figure), Huck Finn in the dining room, Prince/Pauper in the bedroom, Adam from the Bible (who was quite disturbing) and Guinevere in the conservatory, and Aunt Polly in the schoolroom.

As we investigated our way through the home, we discovered many things. Like in the bedroom, Mark Twain had a gas lamp next to his bed and he would smoke right next to it. Good thing he never got blown away! All those great books would have never been written!

He also slept backwards because he wanted to enjoy his headboard on his bed. It was really expensive and he wanted to get his money’s worth. In the conservatory, Mr. Twain and his children enjoyed each other’s company with the fountain and the plants. Another thing I learned was his kids were homeschooled just like me!

After being great detectives, we believed it was Becky Thatcher with a revolver in the kitchen. Everybody said: “Wow, you really think it is Becky with the revolver, huh?” because of all the asking about her and her gun.

But, that would mean Tom Sawyer was dating a murderer! And that just can’t be … can it?

Well, I hope you weren’t planning on me giving the murderer away. After all it was a crime scene and everything is confidential. I have been sworn to secrecy until the police have investigated the case.

But I think us kids could give them a few pointers on how to run a thorough investigation, for sure!



Horse Camp Kick-off

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to Road2Gold!

This week I’ve been at horse camp. So I’m here to tell you what I have been doing the past two days.

Monday morning, we started learning about the parts of the horse. We learned about the head which has the muzzle, eyes(of course), ears, forlock, and pole. We also learned about the body and legs. In this diagram you’ll see the parts of the horse. Click on the horse with lines for a closer view.

We then mucked stalls. (Ew.) Two stalls actually. (Ew again.) We prepared for riding (also known as “tacking”) the horse who’s name was Splash. When Splash was tacked and we were ready to go, we headed for the ring.

Riding for the first time in a while took a bit of time. But I caught on pretty quick. We began to walk at first for a little warm up. Then we began to trot. I couldn’t stop bouncing! We played follow the leader on horseback and then our horse time was up.

When I was riding, Splash was very obedient. She did what I told her, steered in the direction I wanted her in. We did the obstacles like figure eights around barrels or walking over logs and platforms. It was really fun!

Splash is a very nice horse. She is a well trained Appaloosa horse. She is whitish with gray, random spots. There is also Pink, Albert, Peppy, Joey, Leo, and Bo.

My favorite breed of horses are Friesians. They’re beatiful horses with black coats.

But riding isn’t all a rider needs to know about horses. A good equestrian knows all about the parts of the horses, how to use the equestrian equipment,  and they clean up after their horses and take good care of them.

There’s a lot to learn, but I will keep galloping along until I get it!



Attacking a Difficult Piano Piece

HI! Welcome to Road 2 Gold!

In October 2010, I watched How to Train Your Dragon, and I loved it! I loved the story, characters, and moral. But another thing that is outstanding in this movie, is the music.

John Powell had done such an amazing job on HTTYD’s music, that many people arranged it for piano. Since I play the piano, I was like “Yaaaaaaaaay! People make HTTYD music for piano!” One song’s name was Forbidden Friendship.  But when I looked at the sheet music, I realized it might be too difficult … but I printed it anyway. It was a song I liked and I believed I could do it if I was determined.

I started playing the first page easily. I continued learning the piece page by page, with my piano teacher. It took about three months to learn it. After a while, I could play it quite well!

There was one problem, though. I had to improvise on portions due to the difficulty level (and my laziness:( ).

In the meantime, I had also recommended Forbidden Friendship to my friend. But she played it without improvising. After learning more songs and earning more skill over the past ten months, I sat down at my piano and started learning the parts I had improvised. And to my amazement, it sounded great!

Lately, I have been increasing the difficulty level to make the song sound like it should. I still play it everyday along with a few other songs that are assigned for my lessons, and it sounds even better everyday.

I love playing piano. I have been playing since I was six ½ . I have a big blue binder with a bunch of sheet music in it. About half of the songs I can play, and the other half are for improving on. Someday I will be able to play them all.

Thank you to my piano teachers for the help, my friends for showing me I don’t have to be afraid of a difficult piece, and GermanSeabass  for the outstanding arrangement.

If you want the arrangement or any of the other songs that have been arranged, go to SeaBass’ site here.