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Horse Camp Kick-off

on July 10, 2012

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to Road2Gold!

This week I’ve been at horse camp. So I’m here to tell you what I have been doing the past two days.

Monday morning, we started learning about the parts of the horse. We learned about the head which has the muzzle, eyes(of course), ears, forlock, and pole. We also learned about the body and legs. In this diagram you’ll see the parts of the horse. Click on the horse with lines for a closer view.

We then mucked stalls. (Ew.) Two stalls actually. (Ew again.) We prepared for riding (also known as “tacking”) the horse who’s name was Splash. When Splash was tacked and we were ready to go, we headed for the ring.

Riding for the first time in a while took a bit of time. But I caught on pretty quick. We began to walk at first for a little warm up. Then we began to trot. I couldn’t stop bouncing! We played follow the leader on horseback and then our horse time was up.

When I was riding, Splash was very obedient. She did what I told her, steered in the direction I wanted her in. We did the obstacles like figure eights around barrels or walking over logs and platforms. It was really fun!

Splash is a very nice horse. She is a well trained Appaloosa horse. She is whitish with gray, random spots. There is also Pink, Albert, Peppy, Joey, Leo, and Bo.

My favorite breed of horses are Friesians. They’re beatiful horses with black coats.

But riding isn’t all a rider needs to know about horses. A good equestrian knows all about the parts of the horses, how to use the equestrian equipment,  and they clean up after their horses and take good care of them.

There’s a lot to learn, but I will keep galloping along until I get it!


8 responses to “Horse Camp Kick-off

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. I had a horse when I was a young girl and it was a wonderful experience. They are one of God’s greatest creations.

  2. Rhonda Lane says:

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying horse camp. I enjoyed reading your post. There’s a lot to learn, but it’s fun.

  3. Cheryl Andersen says:

    I am so glad that you are enjoying camp. You will be a great rider. Maybe you can work enough to get your own horse. When u get older…….

  4. PJ Sharon says:

    Awesome, #1. I love horseback riding but haven’t been for quite some time. Thanks for pointing out the horse parts. Several I didn’t know!

  5. Ger says:

    Giddy-up Audrey girl! Glad you had fun while I was away! I missed you! Hope the boots worked for you! Love ya!

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