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Get a Clue

on July 17, 2012

Hello, everybody!

This past Friday, we went to the Mark Twain House to investigate the murder of Huck Finn’s father. Yep, I was a detective in a real life Game of Clue!

When we got to the house, I knocked on the door, and all we heard were loads of screaming and shrieking.  Mark Twain’s housekeeper, Katy Leary opened the door telling us to hurry in and that there was a murder in the house! She brought us down stairs through a secret passageway and we discussed what we were going to do. We had to go into all the rooms and ask the people in them questions like: Was it Aransas with a pipe in the billiard room? No, that was not the answer, but you get the point: Just like Clue.

The people in the rooms were actual characters from Mark Twain’s books. People like Arkansas in the billiard room, Becky Thatcher in the drawing room, some drunken dude in the kitchen (I think he called himself Rum… Go figure), Huck Finn in the dining room, Prince/Pauper in the bedroom, Adam from the Bible (who was quite disturbing) and Guinevere in the conservatory, and Aunt Polly in the schoolroom.

As we investigated our way through the home, we discovered many things. Like in the bedroom, Mark Twain had a gas lamp next to his bed and he would smoke right next to it. Good thing he never got blown away! All those great books would have never been written!

He also slept backwards because he wanted to enjoy his headboard on his bed. It was really expensive and he wanted to get his money’s worth. In the conservatory, Mr. Twain and his children enjoyed each other’s company with the fountain and the plants. Another thing I learned was his kids were homeschooled just like me!

After being great detectives, we believed it was Becky Thatcher with a revolver in the kitchen. Everybody said: “Wow, you really think it is Becky with the revolver, huh?” because of all the asking about her and her gun.

But, that would mean Tom Sawyer was dating a murderer! And that just can’t be … can it?

Well, I hope you weren’t planning on me giving the murderer away. After all it was a crime scene and everything is confidential. I have been sworn to secrecy until the police have investigated the case.

But I think us kids could give them a few pointers on how to run a thorough investigation, for sure!



2 responses to “Get a Clue

  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Wow. Sounds like you had a great time. Maybe you can be a CSI after you win your 1st gold medal, and before your first term in the White House. 🙂

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