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Where the Buffalo Roam

on July 25, 2012

Hello, welcome to Road2Gold!

In the adventure of Lewis and Clark, the adventurers found buffalo on their journey. (And lots of them! In one of Meriwether Lewis’s journals, he says he is looking at about 20,000 of them roaming in one place!)

Since we are studying Lewis and Clark, we wanted to go to see buffalo.

We went to a buffalo farm and ate buffalo burgers. We fed a buffalo, cow, pony, an emu, and we saw a peacock.

We boarded a wagon and went on a ride to see the buffalo. Most of them were mommas. Momma means there is a baby, and there were baby buffalo! They’re so cute.

The ride was fun! We noticed the buffalo’s way of communicating was shoving and pushing…and lots of grunting. (In fast, Lewis said in his journal, his men would have to shoot their guns off into the night to make the loud beasts go away and stop their grunting just so the men could get some sleep.) But anyway, on our trip, the guy buffalo came in and practically said, “Hey you! Get outta my way! It is MY turn to eat!” but only in shoving. He was very large. And the babies were so small! He just shoved everyone around! We took some pictures so you can see how cute they are!

The buffalo meat was very different than that of a cow. It was a bit meatier than beef and it tastes good too! I like it more than beef. You should try it!

We learned about buffalo stuff like how even female bison have horns and they don’t ever grow back if they are broken. Bison can jump six feet in the air without running or any sort of “Oomph!” to get that large animal in the air!

We got to pet the buffalo, eat the buffalo, see the buffalo, and feed the buffalo! I like buffalo!

Have you ever eaten buffalo meat? If so, did you like it? Have you ever seen a buffalo? Did you get to pet or feed it?

Buffalo are awesome!


2 responses to “Where the Buffalo Roam

  1. Leslie O says:

    That sounds like a really fun way to make history come to life! The babies are very, very cute.

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