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The Pikachu Penguins

on March 4, 2014

Hi! I said I’d come back, didn’t I?

So I’d like to throw a huge snowball at you. This snowball is called “Skiing”.

Inside this snowball is a tiny ridge somewhere in the world. It’s simple, has about eight small trails and a ton of homeschooled kids enjoying themselves in the chilliness of winter.

So there’s this girl about to get on the old chairlift when the chair simply stops behind her. The two teenagers next in line call out “Hey, you broke it!”

The girl, totally confused, says “Haha, no. No, I didn’t.”

For the next two hours, the three of them just skied for a while, acting like safe idiots. Her friend joined them shortly after, and they continued skiing.

We are now the weirdest of friends. 😛

For the next five weeks, we just hung out on the slopes. A common thing we said was, “WHICH TRAIL NEXT!?” ItPIKACHUPENGUINS3 was often said as we were on the lift, 50 feet apart from each other.

PIKACHUPENGUINS1 Quite a few others joined us in the little group. And we are now called the Pikachu Penguins Ski Club. We even have a sticker for our helmets, because we’re cool like that. 🙂

Why Pikachu Penguins? Well, one of our members loves penguins. And the Pikachu? Let’s PIKACHUPENGUINS2just say our Club Anthem is the Pikachu Song.

I’ve never had a better group of friends than these ten teenagers. I have had some of the best PIKACHUPENGUINS4quality friendships this year so far. 🙂

Ever been skiing? Did you ski in a group of friends? ISN’T IT FUN? 😀


2 responses to “The Pikachu Penguins

  1. fantasyfan101 says:

    Those six weeks rocked!

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