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It’s possible to Diet and be a Swimmer

on September 21, 2015

Hey, welcome back!!

Since I’m older now, my mom and I have been looking at colleges. Now, I’m not very tall. 5’3” AND A HALF to be exact. (can’t forget that half) Most swimmers are about six feet, so that puts me at a disadvantage.

So this summer, I had to buckle down and lose some weight so I could drop the seconds off my time. There were times I had to say “NO EVEN THOUGH I REALLY WANT THAT COOKIE, I ALSO REALLY WANT TO BREAK 1:03 IN THE 100 FREE”. I had to think, “What do I want more? This cookie, or this victory?”

The victory made more sense.

Although, cookies ARE pretty good, they’re not a priority… 🙂

As a swimmer, I have to eat a lot of calories to burn during my workouts. 900 Calories a practice is a lot! That does not mean 900 calories of mac and cheese, but I’ve learned the magic food is this:


It makes the world go round.

If you’re on a diet, and you find yourself watching BuzzFeed Food pizza chip dip videos (like me), think about why you started the restriction in the first place. Are you trying to fit into a dress? Or are you like me, trying to perform well in something?

Whatever it is, don’t give up. 😉 I know, it’s hard. Pizza chip dip is pretty yummy. But wait. Feeling lighter in the water is way better than temporary yumminess.

Something that really helped me was drinking water. If I got full on drinking water, I didn’t want to eat. So it’s a win win. I’ve also heard it’s good for your skin.

Stay thirsty, my friends. I do not own this cat or this meme franchise

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