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Atmospheric Pressure – A Bad Season

Hey, people. Welcome back to the club.


This 2015-2016 Winter Season was quite strange, awkward, and, well, bad.

Every day, every practice, every meet – Something was missing. It all felt wrong. Even my mom noticed the atmosphere of the swim meets felt off, like we were just going through the motions.

We all have those seasons, the ones where you get home from a meet and ask “What the heck is wrong with me?” because you feel that you didn’t perform as well as you wanted to. It happens.

However, we can’t continue like this during the next season. We have to get down to the source of our problem. We do indeed have to ask what went wrong, what is affecting our performance, and how we can fix it.

Now starting the Summer season, I know I have to get back on my feet as soon as I can if I’m going to make any progress.

Until next time –



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