Hit the road with me as I aim for gold

“So how’s school?”

on June 11, 2018

Alright, I know I don’t post much anymore, but I want to keep it updated, so yall aren’t confused when I start writing about college.

What? Yeah. College.

When I was 14, I started taking classes at Asnuntuck Community College. Great little school in my area, met some great people, and eased myself into the world of higher education. I took two classes my first year, eight class


Creds to ACC Photographer

es my second year, and fourteen classes my third year, with three more this summer. I just recently earned my Paralegal’s certificate from Manchester Community College this past Spring, and now I’m in the process of transferring to Western New England University’s International Business program as a Junior. 

So why haven’t I talked about it? I’m just really, really busy. See, the normal course-load for regular college students is four or five, maximum seventeen credits. I plowed through at eighteen-twenty credits each semester, plus six over the winter, and three this summer. It’s insane, and I can say that because I’m the one doing it. It’s been extremely stressful, and it has tested my patience and emotional perseverance as a 17 year old girl.

Unfortunately all that homework has put me into some kind of physical dip. It increasingly becomes more difficult to exercise, not just because of my schedule, but simply because of motivation. I won’t lie, it really is hard finding the energy to swim for two hours when you’re either at work or at school. Some days, I would spend fourteen hours at school each day. How am I supposed to say, “Let’s go for a run!” when in reality, I just want to run to my bed and nap.

The biggest thing happening right now is my transfer. I will be swimming on Western New England University’s swim team. You’re never gonna guess what their mascot is.

wnebearLEE.JPGIt’s a Golden Bear! 

So while I was not able to become an Olympic athlete, and win the gold medal in Tokyo, my school is having a business trip for my International Business program that will hopefully allow me to travel to the Games. And I mean, come on! GOLDEN. Get it? Road to Gold? It was meant to be. I just realized that a few weeks ago and almost cried.

When I started this blog, I was eleven. I was in middle school, had never swam with the “big fish” and was just starting to discover the male phenomenon. I would tell people I wanted to join the military, or become a lawyer. I wanted to be Golden. As we grow up, sometimes our childhood dreams fade, but somehow mine came back. I’m moving to WNE to be a Golden Bear, I’ve earned a Paralegal’s certification that allows me to work in the legal field, and I’m still thinking very seriously about joining the Air Force’s JAG Corps. My dreams never left.

I bought a tank top a few years ago that read, “Don’t follow your dreams, follow my blog.” My friends, truthfully, I encourage you to do both. Don’t discount your childhood aspirations as folly, stick with it, and God will bless you and surprise you in ways you can’t even imagine.

One response to ““So how’s school?”

  1. Gerry Lee says:

    Audrey girl,
    You are something else!! You never stop recreating, making your life fresh and exciting every day! You are a rayt of sunshine in my life and don’t ever change!!

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