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Attacking a Difficult Piano Piece

HI! Welcome to Road 2 Gold!

In October 2010, I watched How to Train Your Dragon, and I loved it! I loved the story, characters, and moral. But another thing that is outstanding in this movie, is the music.

John Powell had done such an amazing job on HTTYD’s music, that many people arranged it for piano. Since I play the piano, I was like “Yaaaaaaaaay! People make HTTYD music for piano!” One song’s name was Forbidden Friendship.  But when I looked at the sheet music, I realized it might be too difficult … but I printed it anyway. It was a song I liked and I believed I could do it if I was determined.

I started playing the first page easily. I continued learning the piece page by page, with my piano teacher. It took about three months to learn it. After a while, I could play it quite well!

There was one problem, though. I had to improvise on portions due to the difficulty level (and my laziness:( ).

In the meantime, I had also recommended Forbidden Friendship to my friend. But she played it without improvising. After learning more songs and earning more skill over the past ten months, I sat down at my piano and started learning the parts I had improvised. And to my amazement, it sounded great!

Lately, I have been increasing the difficulty level to make the song sound like it should. I still play it everyday along with a few other songs that are assigned for my lessons, and it sounds even better everyday.

I love playing piano. I have been playing since I was six ½ . I have a big blue binder with a bunch of sheet music in it. About half of the songs I can play, and the other half are for improving on. Someday I will be able to play them all.

Thank you to my piano teachers for the help, my friends for showing me I don’t have to be afraid of a difficult piece, and GermanSeabass  for the outstanding arrangement.

If you want the arrangement or any of the other songs that have been arranged, go to SeaBass’ site here.




Working The Dreams

Hello, Welcome to Road2Gold!

As a Girl Scout, I recently began working on the Financing My Dreams badge.

The first step in achieving this badge is to explore dream jobs.

My favorite movie ever is How To Train Your Dragon by DreamWorks Animation SKG.

So, this being the case, I have always wanted to work for DreamWorks.

For this particular badge, you have to research the salary for the job of your dreams. I got an estimate of $50,000-$100,000. (I think that’s good, right?)

The second step in this badge was finding a dream home.

I aimed for a house near DreamWorks in California. I found this house for sale at a price of $430,000! My mom said houses in CA cost a lot. I can see that. The good thing is, the house is only a five minute drive away from DWA!

And for that badge, that’s as far as I’ve got.

In the past few weeks, I have really researched 3D animation and stuff like that.

The farthest I have gotten is Flipnotes on the Nintendo Dsi. They’re like animations that you draw and draw and draw (that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) until you end up with a flipbook movie! You then can create GIF files on your Dsi.

But 3D animation is VERY different. It has more of a real life to it rather than just a drawing. It’s what you can do with those drawings and what they can become.

Every second in a movie can take a few hours with movement and background and other stuff like that.

It takes a lot of computers, codes, people, work, a cast, music, and lots of time to make one movie.

For instance: How to Train Your Dragon was released in 2010 and How to Train Your Dragon 2 will come out in 2014.

Well, I hope someday I’ll be able to do that stuff.



A Day in the Life of a Ninja

Hellooooooo! Welcome to Road2Gold!

This past Saturday, I went to “Ninja Dungeon”.

Ninja Dungeon is a game where you have a sword, a helmet, a Nerf blowgun, and possibly a shield depending on the size of your sword. (Example: if you grab a small sword, you also get a shield)

The point of the game is to find clues, treasures, and allies to help you on your way.

The enemy of this game is the Boggits. They’re like trollish monsters that you get to whack with your sword and stuff like that.

Here was what my day was like:

Two people, Jack and Jill ask you and about 25 other kids if you would carry some stuff back to their camp. You all agree to help and when you reach the camp (which was located in a sandlot) the tent was forced open by someone who then captured Bill, the adult in charge of Jack and Jill! After that, Jack loses all sanity and starts yelling “We have to go find Bill!” but that didn’t help because he just HAD to go into the woods and get captured.

Jill gives us all helmets and weapons, divides us into two groups, and we’re off!

We find silver along the way, and we get to keep it. Then we run into the first group of Boggits. We bribe them with the silver and then they all get happy and we kill them! Yippee! We then stole they’re belongings and found a key, some money, and a decoder.

We went to the river where we found a raccoon that wanted all the silver to give to someone. It helped us and she showed us this sign with writing that looked like Greek so we called it scribblies. We thought the sign said “mixes of stick” but it actually said “Mines of Scitic”. Oops!

We then found another sign that had the scribblies on it. That sign talked about a dowsing rod and how it will lead us to a blood rose which will then, along with a silver wand, free a man in a tree. Okay, weird. We came across three lizards who think the world is peachy keen and all dandy and what-not. They said they had the Dowsing Rod. So we asked them what they did with it. They said they broke it into pieces. We asked why the heck they would do that and what they did with the pieces. And guess what. They said because it was funny and they buried it. My reaction:” … you did what?” So we dug them back up, put it together, said bye to the strange lizards, and then ran into some Boggits! Unfortunately, I died in battle. Fortunately, Pixie Sticks serve as potion in Ninja Dungeon.

We met up with the other group after the fight they helped us win. They lent us some potion and we lent them a few keys due to all of the keys we had and all the treasure chests they had. We continued our adventure like before.

We met a Nyad who told us that we came the wrong way and sprayed us with a giant squirt gun after a muddy, humid, tiring, hike. 

We then met a Dryad. She was a whole lot nicer. She gave us POTIONS! Yay! We fed an annoying frog flies so he would shut up for a friend. Then we fought snakes. I lost an arm. So I ate sugar.

We found a hedgehog named Nutbrown. Though the Raccoon said it was Nutbrain. We traded acorns for silver. He told us how to get to the Blood Rose.

We took a break at camp. Grabbed some cold water, and kept going. We found the Blood Rose (which was actually an aluminum-plastic lawn décor).

We headed back for camp to find two businessmen. One of the men named Ted kept talking to us about how they were about to clear out the forest to build their silver mines. That’s why Dri the Dryad and the animals wanted the silver, to protect it from the weird guys.

Bill and Jack on the other hand, were in an odd outcome. We found them in the woods captured. Jack we found unconscious and Bill was being hugged by a tree. That awkward moment when you walk in there and you wonder who’s side you should be on because Bill was the owner of the forest and he made a deal with Ted that he could destroy the forest if Bill got paid. Fortunately, the only ninjas on Bill’s side were 6 or 7 yr.olds and there were 3 of them.

Bill will be now there for eternity. Jack just jumped right up and left. We went back to camp for the final battle to fight all of the business men (and there was somewhere around 8 of them). We blocked all corners. Even though they only came through one. I was up front, until I got stabbed in the neck by Mark, the co-manager of the Mine Facility. When the last guy fell by a Nerf dart, we all cheered!

Then, I went home.

Rest in Peace, Bill. Trees are good, right?

When I got home, I took a cool bath, ate dinner, watched How To Train Your Dragon(because it is THE best movie ever), and ate ice cream. Because THAT is what ninjas really do.