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Land of the Mouse

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Road2Gold!

This past week my family and I took a trip to Orlando, Florida! Land of the Mouse!

The first thing we did was head to Epcot in Disney world. We stayed there walking around the countries and flying to Mars and back. (I guess space travel makes Mom and Dad a bit queasy.) My favorite part was Japan. (If you don’t know, I have always wanted to go to Japan. I had a whole post on it.)

Japan’s area at Epcot had the country’s arts. Anime and everything! It was so awesome!

We had dinner in Morocco and had dessert in Italia! Go Gelato!

The fireworks are really amazing! If you ever go, you always stay until closing.

The next day we went to LegoLand! Where nearly everything is made of Legos! There were roller coasters, fly-cycles, boats, cars, and horses, made of Legos! It was so cool! I even got a caricature done of me swimming!

On Tuesday, we took a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s. We watched a whole special effects sequence of Indiana Jones, took a tour through the effects behind war sequences and the factories behind dress making. It was all very interesting.  My favorite part was Star Tours, the Star Wars ride. It felt like you were really in hyperspace and flying through the galaxy!

Also at Hollywood Studios, we learned how to draw Daisy Duck, met the amazing Mickey Mouse, and greeted our friends Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope Von Shweetz!

Our hotel was awesome! I mean really, how many times do you get to stay at a hotel with a water slide! The staff set up a giant screen and we watched a movie in the pool!

My fat cat got even FATTER and he still woke us up for food. It seems that is all he ever wants!

Have you ever been to Orlando? What did you do there? Was it fun?

See you next time!



The Awesome Trip

Hello! Welcome to Road2Gold!

Sorry about the loooong wait. I’ve been on vacation for a while and let me tell ya… awesome.

Beach sunrise

We went to North Myrtle Beach. The waves were perfect and boogie boarding was great! We rented a condo, which we named Excalibur for a bit of a magical experience…even though there wasn’t a stone in sight. But when you’re within walking distance of the beach, who cares!

There was one not-so-awesome problem, though … Storm Isaac. Luckily, the storm just missed us. But it still rained…and rained…and rained. But we didn’t let that stop us from going into the water!

Another awesome thing we did was go to Charleston for a bit!Horse and Carrige

Charleston had perfect weather! No rain! We walked around a bit, ate lunch, rode around in a horse and carriage, and a whole lot more — Like old plantations and stuff.

Another really awesome thing we did was Gettysburg, PA. Now, I didn’t really know that much about the Civil War so I was like “huh?” I mean, I knew Gettysburg PAwho Lincoln was and about the Gettysburg Address, but not much about the civil war. I learned SO much on the Gettysburg trip, starting the school season with the Civil War will be cake! Well, not really. There is always much more to learn about, but I think get the “gist” of it, plus more.

For me, the best part of Gettysburg was relating to what I knew. I had read a story once about a certain battle. It didn’t mean much to me then. But standing in the place it happened in made it come to life for me.

On Little Round Top, a part of the battlefield that was crucial for the outcome of the war, Col. Joshua Chamberlain held more than 3 charges from the Confederate soldiers while being nearly out of ammunition. Chamberlain knew he had to hold down at all costs, so he and his men flipped their bayonets and charged. The Confederates assumed the other side had20th Maine Monument on Little Round Top reinforcements and surrendered. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a 34-yearold school teacher in Maine, became a general a few years later. Seeing where he charged and seeing the 20th Maine Monument was awesome.

When we got home, the fat cat got fatter and the milk went bad… bleh… I did NOT drink it, thank goodness!

See ya later!



Where the Buffalo Roam

Hello, welcome to Road2Gold!

In the adventure of Lewis and Clark, the adventurers found buffalo on their journey. (And lots of them! In one of Meriwether Lewis’s journals, he says he is looking at about 20,000 of them roaming in one place!)

Since we are studying Lewis and Clark, we wanted to go to see buffalo.

We went to a buffalo farm and ate buffalo burgers. We fed a buffalo, cow, pony, an emu, and we saw a peacock.

We boarded a wagon and went on a ride to see the buffalo. Most of them were mommas. Momma means there is a baby, and there were baby buffalo! They’re so cute.

The ride was fun! We noticed the buffalo’s way of communicating was shoving and pushing…and lots of grunting. (In fast, Lewis said in his journal, his men would have to shoot their guns off into the night to make the loud beasts go away and stop their grunting just so the men could get some sleep.) But anyway, on our trip, the guy buffalo came in and practically said, “Hey you! Get outta my way! It is MY turn to eat!” but only in shoving. He was very large. And the babies were so small! He just shoved everyone around! We took some pictures so you can see how cute they are!

The buffalo meat was very different than that of a cow. It was a bit meatier than beef and it tastes good too! I like it more than beef. You should try it!

We learned about buffalo stuff like how even female bison have horns and they don’t ever grow back if they are broken. Bison can jump six feet in the air without running or any sort of “Oomph!” to get that large animal in the air!

We got to pet the buffalo, eat the buffalo, see the buffalo, and feed the buffalo! I like buffalo!

Have you ever eaten buffalo meat? If so, did you like it? Have you ever seen a buffalo? Did you get to pet or feed it?

Buffalo are awesome!